November 28, 2011

Beautiful November

I have a couple models on my hands. I just click the pictures and they pose. We're such a team. Such great memories!!!

I was lucky enough to catch a couple silly ones too. I was chasing Max with the camera and Maggie totally got caught getting into Dad's stuff. The scissors you see next to her have since been moved to a different locations thankfully. Yikes! I can't get enough of their sweetness!

We had our annual Hatch Family Thanksgiving brunch. This year Cline & Alli were sweet enough to host. We had lots of fun and yummy food. Charlie got this great pic of us before everyone took off. I'm so glad he did. These are really difficult to get with smiles. :0)

November 4, 2011

Time to Read

I started reading 'The Real George Washington over a year ago, and then stopped after 70 short pages. I really loved the book, but I was in the difficult last couple months of pregnancy with Maggie. I was having a hard time sitting in one position for long periods of time and had no patience to read. Since then I haven't been able to make much time to read for myself. I read to the babies every night though. Wes mounted this sweet shelf for them in their room recently that he and a friend made. I posted this in my 'Honey Do Project' post. I'm quite proud of him if you can't tell. I love just staring at it.

My sweet husband challenged me to read The Book of Mormon before the end of the year. It's a goal that we're trying to accomplish together. So, instead of the usual 3 month challenge, it'll be 2 months. I'm determined and I know that I'll not only be able to meet this challenge, but that it will enrich our whole family with the spirit that it inevitably brings into our home. When I began the other day, I remembered my George Washington book. I decided that I needed to accomplish that goal as well. Today I found that taking these both on at the same time actually helps. When I get to the point of needing to stop, I get revived by switching to the next book. Who knew?! The only catch here is, I have to get up early to read. I've also found time when the babies nap.

So tonight when the babies woke from their naps and dinner was complete, we put on a movie for the family to watch together. I read my George Washington book instead. Max saw that I had a book in my hand and climbed into my lap. Unfortunately I've failed in the part that this was one of the first times my boy has watched me reading to myself. But the part I love is that he insisted that I read to him. He grabbed his favorite blanket and climbed into my lap.

Such a fun memory that I hope happens over and over again in the future. I so want my children to have a love for reading and this is how to get it done I think. Read good books often and as a family.

Such a wonderful ending to my exhausting day. Now to sleep a couple hours and do it again.