January 2, 2012

Daily January Fun

Handsome watched our babies while I went out with friends. While I was gone he built this sweet fort for them. They played in it all night. He's the coolest!!!

Our big shopping trips are usually at the beginning of the month. The babies were so sweet, I decided to reward them by taking them to the dollar tree to pick up some fun toys. I unknowingly dressed my little boy as one of the village people when we got home. ;0)
Kid-pile on Daddy. Awesome picture. Wesley's so funny. We didn't pose the kids or plan this, they just like him A LOT! ;0)

The babies went down for their nap at their usual time, but then I heard something on their monitor. I went to investigate and found no little boy in his bed, under his bed, behind the chair. Not even in the closet. I felt panic starting to build. I opened the bathroom door and there he was tossing blocks of toilet paper down the laundry chute. He jumped up and bolted out the door and down the stairs to see his handy work. Until this moment, we didn't know he could open the door. Scary, but so funny!!!

Daddy made another sweet fort for the babies while I went out for one of my birthday dinners. The dogs even found a spot to relax.

I had to run outside while the babies were sleeping for these shots. By the time they woke up, the snow was gone. I wish they could have played in it. Oh well!

Fun times with these two. I love that Wes caught this reading moment with Max. I was going through the paper looking for coupons and Max joined me. He LOVES reading time. Maggie tried to get in on it too. 

Our indoor fun on a rainy day.

We took a very long family walk to the Rhododendron gardens because it was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! We had so much fun. The babies were super adorable and funny!

When we got home from our walk we still had enough daylight to play in our yard. Our little girl is walking! Everywhere. They really do grow super fast! She now has a fascination with sticks. Our babies now have that in common. ;0)

This is how we ended January. Super cute, but baby girl was sleeping because it was the beginning of her 'super sick & sad' week. Magnus was there to comfort her every day as we all were. I'm sure glad she's feeling better!