December 23, 2010

Our Growing Family Picture

I was just looking through all our pictures and noticed how much our family has been growing in the last couple years. We still have our sweet pets, but family pictures with everyone are quite difficult to take.

Max was in my belly for this one.
December 2008

I can't believe how fast these babies grow!
December 2009

Life is pretty darn sweet!
December 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Hatch Family Cookie Caroling Night

We had a smaller than normal group this year. We missed everyone, but still had a great time. We even had awesome weather for it. Max was in the mood to join us, but he only listened as we sang. Maggie hung out with Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Shaun. They've discovered that she likes to cry herself to sleep. It usually helps to have a swing to lull her to sleep quicker, but I forgot to bring it. Oops!

Anyway, back to caroling. We were able to visit 3 of my favorite families this year. If you weren't one of them... don't get offended. LOL! Everyone in our group was in a great Christmas mood. What a way to head into this Christmas weekend. I love my family!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 14, 2010

Missouri Trip

I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to Missouri with my kids to see my older sister Jennie. I couldn't have gone without the help of one of my other older sisters Jonnie and her sweet son. What a sweet thing to do. Max, Maggie, Jonnie, Jon and I. It was my Wesley's Christmas present to me. It had been about 7 1/2 yrs since I'd visited her. Far too long! I get to visit with her when she visits, but it's just not the same. This visit reminded me of growing up with her before we all hit our teen years. Jennie was so fun to play with. Always joking or making up a fun game. That by the way is how our trip went. Nice, fun and relaxing. I loved watching our kids together. I feel rejuvenated and happy. Here are some of the pictures I got.

Max & Maggie getting ready for the day and being darn cute!

Thrift store shopping was a little boring for Max. Jen didn't mind though. So sweet!

Kennedy was great with Max. They were like this for a while.

There's my pretty girl with my beautiful sister.

Jon relaxing with Dalila.

Talking and eating candy with Jen. LOL!

We were totally pigging out. So yummy!

Thanks for letting us visit for so long. We really had a great time! I love you Jen!!!

November 10, 2010

What a Day!!!

Today was a busy spring cleaning day. I know I'm a little late, but that's OK. The point is to get it done eventually, or I can just say I'm early for next year. LOL! It was raining outside, so I was happy to finally get a bunch done, but I tired myself out. By the evening I had no energy, so Wes and I decided to order something from a restaurant in our neighborhood and bring it home. It was turning out to be a wonderful, tiring and productive day. Since it wasn't too late when we finished with dinner I asked Wes to go to the store with me. It's difficult to go on the big shopping trips without help, so I welcome it if given the opportunity. As you could probably predict, the first part of our trip was good and even fun, but by the end we were rushing for the door because both babies were crying out in protest. Poor things! Wes was managing our boy while I was managing our girl. The cashier was having a problem with one of our coupons which for some reason took about seven minutes to fix. All the while our babies were screaming. Seven minutes of screaming kids seems so much longer than 'just seven minutes'. I just smiled and prayed it would be over soon. Our cashier was being really nice and started a conversation with me about our babies and then asked me how old they were. When she found out how close they were she quickly said to me in more of a statement than a question, 'You're done right?!' I said no. She seemed surprised, so I said that we both came from large families and that we'd like to have about three more if we're able to. She reacted weird and grumbled more to herself in a lower voice that she didn't think it would be easy to afford more. Then she didn't talk to me much after that. I felt bad and a little frustrated at her and then I just felt blessed. How sad! I thought it was kind of a weird thing for her to say to a complete stranger, but it did help me see my situation there at the store in a different light. I was blessed to be stuck in a crowded store with my sweet husband and two screaming babies and I'm truly happy. So, thank you cranky, weird cashier! I appreciate you! LOL!!!

November 5, 2010

My favorite things about being a Mom...

Recovering from having our sweet #2 has been a little more challenging than I'd expected. I find myself getting more and more frustrated when Max or Maggie start crying in the middle of the night or when they're sick and I don't know what to do. My Mom said to call her and let her walk the floor with them. Who offers that?! My Mom, that's who. That started my thinking. I remember being very young and crying. I knew that the only thing that could calm me down was my Mom or Dad. The calming effect of their voices or the feeling of their hand on my back as they held me. I do the same thing with my kids. Tonight Max was having a hard time and Wes started to walk him around the room to calm him. I knew Wes had to get up early so I offered to take over. Max held my hand and snuggled his little body tight in my arms till he was asleep again. Sometimes he pushes his little head to my lips so I can kiss him a million times. I'm so happy and content right now, but I know I'm rambling. I just wanted to say that I love being able to be a comforter. It's a huge responsibility. I go from being frustrated that my baby is upset to being unable to express my appreciation for my Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to be there for them. They want their Mom and Dad the way I needed mine. That by far is one of my most favorite blessings!!!

November 2, 2010

Fun Day With Max & Magdalena

I've been dreading today for the last couple weeks because today was the day for shots in both babies. Yuck! I'm so not good at this. Many people say that I'll eventually get a thicker skin, but I just feel more and more nauseous. I almost passed out today just at the site of the needles. I don't mean to sound like it's all about me. That's just my point. If it was a shot for me, I'd be OK. The thought of my babies being stuck and me not being able to take the pain for them... that's what I have a hard time with. Thankfully, Heavenly Father sent me to a wonderful mother who is always there for me. Wesley really tried to make it, but couldn't, so Grandma was there to hold Maggie while I held Max. They did great and are now at home being their sweet happy selves.

Part of the doctor appointment was filled with lot's of questions from the doctor about their development. I felt like I was back in school and I was trying to pass a test. Not in a bad way at all. I felt like I was doing great until they ask me what Max liked to eat. Don't get me wrong. Max is well fed and happy, but I realized that I don't let him feed himself & he's 18 months old. My sister gave me a really cute bib the other day which made me think about all the bibs my cousin made when Maggie was born and all the others I have in my house that aren't being used. They say the first step is to admit that you have a problem, so here I go. I have a hard time letting Max make a mess. But I've decided that it's his job right now while he learns and it's my job to clean it up. I wish I was joking, but I'm really not. So tonight I put him in his highchair without a bib for some reason and had him make a mess with a yogurt and a spoon. It was beautiful!!!

I was so ready to clean him up when he decided he'd had enough though. He fell asleep on the floor. What a cutie!!!

Maggie was just chillin on the couch next to me.

I know she looks like a boy in this outfit, but I love it.

So tomorrow we're planning on making another mess with another yogurt. Baby steps. LOL!!!

October 9, 2010

Samantha & Magdalena

Sam has been spending the night at our house every Saturday night since mid 2007. This was hardly ever missed till I went on bed rest a few months ago. Needless to say this little girl has been having a hard time with this. Well tonight we were able to start it going again. We had some yummy take-out and watched some TV. We are major couch potatoes, but it's raining, so we couldn't do much else anyway. LOL!

When it came time to head off to bed, Sam said for the millionth time how excited she was that Maggie was here. For months she's been saying how she can't wait till she's born. She's a very sweet girl!!! Tonight I had to get some stuff ready for church tomorrow, so I asked her to check on Maggie. Just a second later, instead of hearing Maggie crying, I heard Sammy singing to her. She sang that little baby to sleep. What a LOVE! I headed upstairs and listened as she told me all about it and then said that she just wanted to cry. I asked her if she wanted to cry because she was happy or sad. She said Happy! So I told her to go right ahead. She takes my breath away. I can't believe this little girl is going to be 12 this week. She's growing up too fast.

I love our Sammy girl!!!

October 3, 2010

Magdalena is finally here!!!

Maggie is finally here!!! We headed to the hospital around 4:30am on Friday morning because contractions were 5 minutes apart and I was progressing pretty fast. I honestly don't know if this girl could make up her mind. On minute she's trying to join us early and then when we ask her to come she decides not to and then when she finally decides it's time she hurries. UHG!!! I LOVE my midwife. I was totally calm through the whole thing. The med's help a lot of course, but I have to say, I had a great experience. Well, ok... I didn't like the part were the med's wore off early. Her head poked through and I could feel everything. I said a little prayer and heavenly father got me through it. They gave my a little more to help, but the med's didn't kick in till she was out on my chest. But, they did help me get some much needed rest. We checked in at 4:50am and she was born at 7:41am. She cried till she was placed on my chest. I love being her comfort zone. She's a very easy going little girl and sleeps a lot. I'm planning on taking a bunch of pictures of her soon. But so far this is what I've got...Wes is totally going to teach this little girl to stick her tongue up her nose. I know it.
Sweet Grandma cut the cord on Maggie. She also did Max's last year. I loved being able to have my Mom there. I don't think I snapped at her this time. At least from what I can remember. LOL! I can get mean when I'm in pain.
Cori hurried to the hospital to see Maggie and to help welcome her into the world, but Maggie hurried out too fast for Cori to make it the little stinker. LOL!
Daddy's wrapped around her finger!

I was so excited to see Dad. Sammy took this picture for us. She's getting good! I think Grandma got a picture of Sammy holding Maggie, but I forgot to. Dang it!
Aunt Di came to visit Friday night.
Aunt Net came a couple minutes later. We had fun talking and adoring Maggie.Later Wendy, Adam and they're little family came to hang out. As you can see we had fun!

The hospital didn't have very comfortable beds for the fathers, so I sent Wes home to sleep. This is the picture Maggie and I sent him to say goodnight.I knew she was going to be ridiculous, but COME ON!!! WOW!!!
I LOVE our sweet baby girl!!!
Magdalena Isabella Donkin
Born 10/01/10 @ 7:41 am
7 lbs, 11 0z - 19 in

September 14, 2010

Too much adventure for me today!!!

My favorite sweet dog in the world Magnus decided to go out of our unlocked gate for an adventure without his collar today. I'm not sure why the gate was unlocked. His collar was off because he wakes Max up when he's wearing it. I just hadn't had the chance to put it back on him. On top of that, most people don't like him because he looks like a mean dog. UHG!!!
Anyway... I waddled after him barefoot as he ran farther and farther away from me. One of my neighbors who I hadn't met till today asked me if I needed help. I explained how far along I was, that Mag will just keep running and that he wasn't wearing his collar as I bawled. She couldn't understand most of what I was telling her I'm sure. She got her 2 dogs and kids and loaded them in her mini van so she could search for him. I went to get my car, but before I could even pull away from the house, she was parked behind me with him sitting in her passenger seat. I know for a fact that I would have never seen him again if she hadn't helped me. There's no doubt. I'm of course still crying because I'm an emotional wreck, but I don't think a plate of cookies will express my appreciation enough. Some people just don't know the impact they have on others. She's my angel and Magnus is in BIG trouble. I'm looking into obedience school for him now. I'm sure happy to have a happy ending thanks to my sweet neighbor.

September 11, 2010

Not too long ago...

It was just last year that this picture was taken. Sixteen months and five days actually. My brother took it the day Max was born. Since then there have been thousands of pictures of my boy and I playing. Lately I haven't been able to spend as much one on one time with my boy as I'm used to. I've missed him so much. Good things have come of this. He's spent lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa Hatch and the rest of the family little by little. He gets so excited to see them. When he sees Grandma's van pull up he knows it's time to go to her house and play. He watches me while they drive away and I blow him kisses. He thinks that's pretty funny. The other obvious good thing that has come out of this is that we've made it to 36 weeks without Maggie joining us. Now I don't have to take all those preterm labor preventative med's. I could go full term and that would totally stink in my opinion because my body is already exhausted, but I do feel very blessed to make it this far. My husband, family, friends and ward members have truly been the reason. I was well tended, fed and 'put-up-with' (that's for my grumpy attitude). I know I am loved!

So one of the first things I did when I stopped taking my med's today was to hold my boy. He was sitting on Wes's lap watching TV and drinking his bottle. He dropped everything to climb into my arms. He sang softly to me while we danced and I kissed his face. Sometimes we take a mental picture of precious moments, but this time it was a mental video. It lasted a long time and I absorbed all of it. Babies are amazing!!! I love being a Mom. It's really hard sometimes, but mostly it's just awesome! I'm excited to have another member of our family join us soon and watch my little man and daughter get to know each other. If it's anything like my childhood with my siblings, it'll be a fun adventure. I love my family!

August 30, 2010

Fun Time With Grandma

I have been having a hard time with this pregnancy for the past few weeks. My doctor put me on bed rest and gave me meds for preterm labor. I made it to 34 weeks on Saturday and need to make it at least 2 more weeks. My Mom has been our daily sitter and Wesley has been our night sitter. We've had some great friends show such love and support for our little family. I feel very blessed.

I needed to share these pictures that my Mom has taken during the last few weeks. My sweet Max who was primarily taken care of me when I was able, is having all kinds of fun without me. I'm really happy he has such a fun and safe place to go everyday. It absolutely helps me rest, but I miss him so much. What would I do without a Mom determined to document my missed moments with him. I know you'll enjoy the pictures too. Here you go...

Cleaning Grandma & Grandpa's kitchen floor.

Bathing in their kitchen sink.

Passing out for a nap on Grandma while she's updating me on how Max is doing. (Wes took this one.)

Playing in the dolphin swing in Grandma & Grandpa's backyard.

Watching cousin Tyler's TV on their living room floor.

Sitting next to Maggie and me on the couch talking to Daddy at our house. My belly is huge!

Playing basketball in Grandma & Grandpa's backyard.

Grandpa feeding Max ice cream. YUM!!!

There are probably more pictures that I've missed and I'm sure there will be more to come in the next few weeks. I just needed to share with you how much I love and appreciate my Mom for all she does. All my life she's just given and given to all of her children and what we call her adopted children. She'll assure us that she's fine when we know she's in pain or sick. You just can't stop her. I'm so frustrated that my body won't let me do my everyday tasks. I don't like asking anyone for help, but I wouldn't give up this time with my Mom for anything!!! I love you Mom!