October 23, 2009

Hide & Seek with Max

We've been sick for the past week along with most of the city from what I hear, but we're finally on the mend. Yay!!!

I've been loving all my time with the boy. He's such a character. So funny. I only have a minute, so I need to share this with you. I left Max on a blanket on the floor in the living room so I could let the dogs outside. When I came back this is how I found him. It happened so fast. I had to run for the camera. The look on his face is priceless... "What Mom?!"

This is not my sons bone, it belongs to our dogs Annie and Mag. Just in case you were wondering. =)

Max is soooo cute!

October 18, 2009

Max's First Taste of Baby Food

Today was another beautiful Saturday that we were able to spend as a family. We finished a few little errands and headed to the Expo Gun Show. We love going every chance we get. Mostly because we have a few friends there. Oh if I had the money, the stuff I'd buy.

Anyhoo... I was walking around with Max in the carrier eating a yummy apple while he of course was eyeing it. He started watching us eat a couple weeks ago and we've been planning on waiting till the 6 month mark to start him on baby food. He had other plans though. I offered him a taste of the apple juice and he leaned his head in for a taste. I wish I had a picture of it, but I don't. I do have these lovely pictures that our niece Samantha took for us of Max's first taste of baby food. Samantha rocks at picture taking. I'll have to have her do more.

This last shot is my favorite!!! He didn't think too much of the baby food. It was no apple. We'll keep trying new stuff though. Congratulations Max! Can't wait till you can taste all of your aunts yummy cooking.

October 16, 2009

Build-A-Bear for Sam's Birthday

You gotta love Build-A-Bear. Ok, well you don't, but I do. Sam got a bunch of cool gifts for her Birthday. Part of which was $ to go get a Bear. She's been collecting them for a while now, but this is her first bear to be purchased from the actual store. We've found them at thrift stores for her.

Oh my goodness was it ever fun to watch her face while she picked everything out and watch 'General Hatch' being created. Absolutely awesome! Thank you Powers & Hatch family!!!

She had to rub it on her head so he'd be smart, on her belly so he wouldn't be hungry, and on her nose... I don't remember why... but it was cute!

She had to brush off the extra fluff. She was being very thorough!

Mission accomplished... Happy Birthday Girl!!!

General is all ready for Halloween in his Batman costume. Very nice choice Sam!

and this would be her homemade ice cream cake. Yum!!!

I can't believe she's so old, but I'm so happy she had such a great day! We sure love this crazy fun girl!

October 10, 2009

Full and Fun Saturday with Family

Last Saturday morning was supposed to start with the Primary presentation practice. However, we hadn't planned on our car being broken into. What a lovely gift.

Wes set Max into the car and then headed to the drivers door before we realized what had happened. Max was so tired that he fell asleep like this.

After we were finished with all the police report, insurance mumbo-jumbo it was too late to make it to practice. We did make it to a small family BBQ though. Oh yeah! =)

Jessica didn't have to wait for 10 people to hold Max before she got a turn this time. Thank goodness!!! Max loves Jessica. I'll explain... About 2 months ago we got to a family BBQ and Max was asleep in his stroller. Jessica asked if she could hold him when he woke up. While we were waiting for that to happen, Uncle Hod picked him up out of his stroller while I wasn't looking (not surprising - Max loves uncle Hod!) and from then on Max was passed from person to person. However Jessica wasn't included in this. It really was funny! She finally confiscated sweet Max from one of the kids so she could have her turn. Not going to have that happen again. Not that I mind people fighting over our cutie Max. I totally understand. He's adorable!

Our Saturday ended well. We spent time with our fun family, ate a BUNCH of yummy food and rolled all the way home. The primary presentation went well too. I love this family!!!

Halloween Fantasy Trails

We were invited to go to the Fantasy Trails out in Oregon City this year with our family. We went for Christmas last year and had a lot of fun. This year we brought our niece and nephew with us. It was so much fun. Wes looks upset in this picture, but I'm sure it was just the annoyingly bright flash of the camera.

They had the coolest stuff for kids to play on.

Talk about Time Out!

More cool stuff.

Had to stop to take a rest. We went through the whole thing about 7 times.

Another action shot. These two love them!

I'm looking forward to going for Christmas too! Lot's of fun!

Fun at Multnomah Falls

I woke up this morning and decided it was a perfect day to head to the falls. Sam and Brandon didn't have school, so Max and I brought them along. We packed a picnic and headed out. It had been too long. I love going up the Gorge. Beautiful drive and lots of places to hike.

Any hoo... It started out a little cold, but we warmed up plenty when we started up the trail. These two are such characters!

I found a nice man with an English accent to take out picture. Thanks for not looking sweet Max!

Found another kind man when we made it up to the bridge. There's Max's face. Brandon and Sam are lookin a little spooky!!! =)

This is Sam and Brandon's action shot... All there idea!

After lunch before headin down to the car.

We were up high!

Found a cool little cave, so they acted like vampires and asked me to post this up-side-down.

Sam inside a dead tree. Brandon sat outside because he had a huge backpack strapped to him.

Goodbye falls!

Hello chocolate! I told them I had one more surprise before we headed home. We went to the outlet mall and I walked them up to the sidewalk. I had them cover their eyes and spin. As soon as I new they were dizzy enough I guided them to the door of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and had them open their eyes. They were laughing so hard. Pretty funny!

Sam picked a big peanut butter cup and Brandon picked some sour gummy worms.

We had a really good time! I hope we can do more soon! Such fun to hang out with these two weirdos!!!

October 8, 2009

The Craft Store

Today Max and I headed out in search of a present for my niece Sam. One of the last places we went to was Michaels to find a craft project. I decided that this was going to be his first time in the cart without assistance of his car seat. So far so good in this picture. In the very next second...

He decides he's had enough and orders me to pick him up... NOW!!!

Way too funny! I had a great day with him. He's getting really loud too! What a little man!

October 2, 2009

October 1, 2009

It's October Already

I can't believe how time flies! This week has been great. Lots of work for Wesley and beautiful weather for Max and I to go on our many walks. It's getting cooler and I have to say I'm happy about that. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. The leaves are changing color and the Holidays are fast approaching.

Today I was able to go to the temple with my sister Shaunna. My favorite way to start a day. I feel so blessed to have a temple so close. Grandma didn't mind watching handsome little Max. My little sister Errinne got this picture of him playing while I was gone. So cute!!!

I headed home with Max to see Wesley before he headed off to work. He had to do an all-nighter for work, so we won't be able to see him till the morning. Makes me tired to think about it! We made it home in time to take a short nap as a family. That doesn't happen very often and it was wonderful!

After Wes left for work my sister Errinne and I spent the rest of the day together. We grabbed a bite to eat and walked around the mall. It was just like I was a teenager again, except for the feeling old part. My body is tired now! I had fun playing and joking around with Errinne. We really got a workout!!! Then we headed home.

Max as you've probable read loves his jumper, so after he had his dinner I set him in it to play. I took some really cute video and I'm unable to upload it unfortunately. I'll keep trying. It's adorable. He fell asleep in the jumper, but you have to see it. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!