May 7, 2010

Max's First Birthday

Max turned 1 yesterday. Can you even believe it?! It all goes by so fast!!! We picked his cousin Sam up from School so she could help pick out his present with Aunt Errinne and I. He loves Finding Nemo and as you can see, he totally loves this thing!!! So cute! I just loved seeing his first reactions to it. He even started jabbering away to Nemo. I wonder what he was saying.

We didn't do the Birthday cake today because his party is on Mothers Day. Yep, there's a drawback to being born so close to Mothers Day. I think it's pretty wonderful though. I got my first baby for Mothers Day. That's pretty awesome!!!

Instead of cake, Max got his first McDonald's Happy Meal. Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Hatch. He didn't care too much for the chicken nuggets, but he loved the fries and toy.

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes and gifts. Max had a fun and eventful day. I'll post pictures next week of the 'Cake Attack' that will happen on Sunday.

We love you so much Max! You make our lives so much sweeter!!!

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