July 17, 2010

Sam's Locks of Love Donation

Months ago Wes and I were explaining to Sam that a few of our other niece's used to donate their hair to Locks of Love. The conversation came up because her hair was getting to the point that it needed to be cut or trimmed. She said she'd like to donate her hair, so I looked up the website. It turned out that her hair wasn't long enough, so she decided to get a trim. Since then she's been taking extra good care of her hair and growing it out so that she could donate her hair for the first time to Lock's of Love. I'm so proud of her. Today was a really fun day.


Wes cutting:

More cutting:

Needing some TLC for her hair:


After washing and blow drying for the first time:
Yes, it's a cute 'A' line for our pre teen. She's getting older. I think it looks awesome with her cute face!!!

This is actually how excited she's been all day. Here she's holding her hair we cut off and the donation form we need to send with it. Good Job Sam!!!

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