March 7, 2011

Never thought I'd refer to my childhood as 'Simpler Times'.

I remember when VCRs, cable and satellite weren't in every home. There was no internet, cell phone or ipod to be hooked on 24/7. On Sunday night my family would pile in front of the TV after dinner. Mom or one of my sisters would make popcorn or homemade potato chips and we'd all watch the Sunday night movie together. I think there was only 5 or 6 channels at the time. It was so fun! There weren't many options and no complaints. Of course this all seems wonderful to me 25 years later, but you get my drift. Tonight I felt a little bit of that in our little house. We had a wonderful Sunday at church with friends and family. I mean one of those days where the spirit is just following you around, awesome days. We came home, made food and turned on a Disney movie for our handsome little boy. Not on his TV... on the BIG TV. Dad's TV. LOL! Our sweet little man was still dressed in his white shirt, tie and slacks. He found his bottle and sat 3 feet from the TV and was glued. When 27" TVs were considered big, I'd be the one sitting 3" from it. I'm not the brightest star in the sky. LOL! So 3 feet from our huge TV would be about the same, I think. So, I sat on the living room floor while holding Maggie so I could watch Monsters Inc with Max. I decided not to sit super close to the TV this time. ;0) Max came over and scooted his little body right into me. So there I was with both of my kids, trying not to mess this moment up, when Max decides he needs to be in both my arms. So I pass Maggie to Daddy (he didn't mind a bit) and cradled Max in my arms. He then proceeds to reach up and play with my hair. It went on like this for about 20 minutes while I held my breath. I'm telling you all... my babies are RIDICULOUS!!! Once he realized he'd been sitting in the same spot for more than a second, he decided to play. About 5 minutes later I found him in Daddy's arms petting his arm hair. LOL!!! So, Wes was holding both our babies and this went on for about 20 minutes till Max fell asleep. We both had the pleasure of snuggling with our babies and kissing their sweet heads without them pulling away. I know this won't last, but it sure made me think about my parents and all the times I did this with them and my siblings. Families are wonderful! I'm so grateful that I had such great teachers!!!

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