December 14, 2011

Family Beach Trip 2011

I love that we have the opportunity to stay at the beach every year. It's so relaxing at fun. We usually get the best family pictures while we're there too. Bonus!!!

This was Maggie's first time walking on the beach and playing in the sand. I hope we're able to take them when it's warm. We have sandcastle buckets and tools Max got from their awesome Aunt Sam that we haven't used yet.

I love these shot's off Max walking in the clouds!

We also found out that he floats in mid-air. Cool!!! Baby girl did NOT like falling in the cold water. Poor thing!

Best part of all... We were able to have our super wonderful friends Todd, Erin & Ryker stay with us the last 2 nights. This is our second year to have them share our tradition of going to the beach house and I hope it continues. ;0)

We went out for a late stroll the night before we left. When we came in from the cold, the Daddy's bathed all the babies. Let me just say, us Mommy's really appreciated the help!

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