April 27, 2010

Happy Thought

I was relaxing on the couch today clipping coupons after my quick shopping trip with my lovely Mom and Max when I heard an awesomely wonderful sound. It was my sweet baby boy talking and singing while he played. He was playing with boxes of toothpaste and bottles of protein water by the windows where he can watch cars and people walk by. What a happy site and he's ours. Then I got this feeling in my belly. Almost like butterflies in my stomach and I remembered that we get to have another one. I've been worrying about having this sweet second baby so soon for all kinds of silly reasons. Like: All the sleep I'm not going to get, or having two cribs up at once, here's a good one... having a beast for a truck that's too tall for me to heft our 2 babies in and out of for daily stuff. Don't get my wrong. I love my truck and I know that I can handle whatever is handed to me, especially another breathtaking blessing of a baby. I'm a blubbering prego chick. I know I sound mushy and all that and I'm proud of it. I just needed to share with whomever is out there reading this, that I do know that I'm blessed. I feel loved beyond anything I could have imagined. I'm so tired and it's OK. What a wonderful job. I love coming to work every morning, day and night!!! I love being a Mommy!!!

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