April 12, 2010

Play Time At The Park

It was hard to resist going to the park today. We brought our Annie-Bell so she could play fetch. Unfortunately our other pup Mag isn't interested in returning once let off his leash so he stayed home today.

Annie was very tired in this picture as you can see. It looks as if Max was able to put her in a head-lock. You gotta show these dogs who's boss you know!

Oh, I see you're just sharing Dad's pencil. Way to share Max. Good boy!!!

Showing off his all terrain wheels. Gotta have a Jeep!

We had a wonderful time. We were spinning a little here. I didn't get too dizzy. Thank goodness!

I have to tell you though, Max performed his first magic act today. We were amazed. Wes gave Max one of his pens to play with. When we were about ready to go we were looking all over the place. It wasn't an expensive pen. We were just curious as to what happened. I was walking all over the park thinking Annie had picked it up while playing fetch. Then we decided that it would just have to remain a mystery. About a second later, we found it in his shirt. Max had placed it there while Daddy held him. HE'S GOOD!!! So smart. We're very proud of our magic man.

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