October 9, 2010

Samantha & Magdalena

Sam has been spending the night at our house every Saturday night since mid 2007. This was hardly ever missed till I went on bed rest a few months ago. Needless to say this little girl has been having a hard time with this. Well tonight we were able to start it going again. We had some yummy take-out and watched some TV. We are major couch potatoes, but it's raining, so we couldn't do much else anyway. LOL!

When it came time to head off to bed, Sam said for the millionth time how excited she was that Maggie was here. For months she's been saying how she can't wait till she's born. She's a very sweet girl!!! Tonight I had to get some stuff ready for church tomorrow, so I asked her to check on Maggie. Just a second later, instead of hearing Maggie crying, I heard Sammy singing to her. She sang that little baby to sleep. What a LOVE! I headed upstairs and listened as she told me all about it and then said that she just wanted to cry. I asked her if she wanted to cry because she was happy or sad. She said Happy! So I told her to go right ahead. She takes my breath away. I can't believe this little girl is going to be 12 this week. She's growing up too fast.

I love our Sammy girl!!!

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