November 2, 2010

Fun Day With Max & Magdalena

I've been dreading today for the last couple weeks because today was the day for shots in both babies. Yuck! I'm so not good at this. Many people say that I'll eventually get a thicker skin, but I just feel more and more nauseous. I almost passed out today just at the site of the needles. I don't mean to sound like it's all about me. That's just my point. If it was a shot for me, I'd be OK. The thought of my babies being stuck and me not being able to take the pain for them... that's what I have a hard time with. Thankfully, Heavenly Father sent me to a wonderful mother who is always there for me. Wesley really tried to make it, but couldn't, so Grandma was there to hold Maggie while I held Max. They did great and are now at home being their sweet happy selves.

Part of the doctor appointment was filled with lot's of questions from the doctor about their development. I felt like I was back in school and I was trying to pass a test. Not in a bad way at all. I felt like I was doing great until they ask me what Max liked to eat. Don't get me wrong. Max is well fed and happy, but I realized that I don't let him feed himself & he's 18 months old. My sister gave me a really cute bib the other day which made me think about all the bibs my cousin made when Maggie was born and all the others I have in my house that aren't being used. They say the first step is to admit that you have a problem, so here I go. I have a hard time letting Max make a mess. But I've decided that it's his job right now while he learns and it's my job to clean it up. I wish I was joking, but I'm really not. So tonight I put him in his highchair without a bib for some reason and had him make a mess with a yogurt and a spoon. It was beautiful!!!

I was so ready to clean him up when he decided he'd had enough though. He fell asleep on the floor. What a cutie!!!

Maggie was just chillin on the couch next to me.

I know she looks like a boy in this outfit, but I love it.

So tomorrow we're planning on making another mess with another yogurt. Baby steps. LOL!!!

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