July 20, 2011

Grandma Margorie Donkin's Valentine Cookies

Long, long ago... when my sweet husband and I were dating, he told me about his Mom's Valentine Cookies and how they were his favorite. He told me about the wonderful care packages he'd receive from his dear sister Wendy with these super yummy cookies inside. Well, when we got married I received a family cookbook with the recipe and I decided to give it a go. I thought it'd be really fun to surprise him. Unfortunately things didn't work out according to plan. I chilled the dough as suggested and then I attempted to roll it out. This didn't work at all. I was so frustrated after a few attempts, that I almost tossed it. However, I composed myself and decided to make them into snicker doodles. So that is how these cookies came to be. I made them for my babies yesterday after Max got a free snicker doodle from the Safeway bakery. I thought, 'I make WAY better cookies than these!' That's right... I'm totally tooting my horn. LOL!!!

Max dropped one of his cookies and Maggie cleaned it up. TEAM WORK! Such a fun memory. Grandma's recipe and my attempt at it. It all turned out wonderful.

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