August 31, 2011

Our Vacation to the Bonds

We had the fun opportunity to spend time with Sam at her home recently. Oh how we all loved it. Max chased the chickens and played in her backyard, Maggie ate lots of yummy new food and made messes while Sam tried to feed us. We all relaxed on her comfy grass in her yard as often as we could, which was pretty often. Even though Wes decided to pass a stone on the first day of our vacation, then rest of our trip was not interrupted. He's one tough cookie!

We drove up to Boulder Park for a little hike to a creek. The terrain was a little too much for our all terrain stroller, but Wes used his muscles and got it done. It was quite beautiful. We even got to see a dear family.

We relaxed at the creek for a while and let the kids play. Maggie mostly ate rocks and Max climbed the bigger ones. Max's favorite part was when we let him throw rocks in the water. Wes and I tossed a few big rocks in to get some big splashes. Max and Maggie loved it. We had an awesome time!

Such a wonderful family vacation! Can't wait to visit again!!! Thanks Sam!!!

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