January 18, 2011

Caution Tape & Orange Cones

If you've ever accidentally bumped your child's
head or knocked them to the ground because you weren't paying close enough attention, raise your hand. Well, I'm unfortunately raising my hand. Yesterday was grocery shopping day, which means multiple stores in not a lot of time. Baby #2 needed to be held while baby #1 sat in the shopping cart tearing through a messy free cookie from the bakery. I tried to clean his face while still holding baby #2 and bumped her head. Oh the screams that came from her tiny little body! Then after everyone was calmed down, fed, rested and home, we decided to go on a walk with Daddy. Baby #1 was on the porch helping me get the stroller ready. I lifted up the front of the stroller not realizing he was standing right behind it and knock him to the ground. He really wasn't happy at all!!! So we finished the day with a scratch under baby #1's left eye and a red mark above baby #2's right eye. Needless to say, I need to have some caution tape and orange cones around me at all times. It's getting ridiculous. Poor babies!!!

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