January 3, 2011

Magdalena's Blessing

Sweet Magdalena was blessed this last Thursday. We held off a bit so we could have more family attend. I told everyone to be at my brother and sisters house at 7pm sharp and guess who was late... Yep, me! But as soon as all the priesthood stood around our little sweetie, my hurried mood changed. It was awesome! I'm so thankful for the blessing of having the priesthood in my family's life.

Uncle Russ, Uncle Adam, Cousin Andy, Cousin Sam, Cousin Zack, Grandpa Hatch, Daddy, Magdalena, Uncle Hod, Uncle Cline, Uncle Troy and Cousin Brian. Now that's quite a group!

I love this picture of Grandpa and Uncle Cline with Maggie.

Wes has a star above his head and I have Maggie's binky holder on my shirt. All not planned as far as I know, but very memorable. LOL!

Beautiful Grandma with Maggie.

Very happy family! Max wearing his awesome jacket with the elbow patches.

and for the cherry on top... Margie feeding Baby Bobbi a cookie. What a love!!!

I really appreciate my sweet sister and brother for letting us have so many people invade their home for a night. There's no way they'd fit in ours. LOL!

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