May 27, 2011


My babies have been sick with one thing or another, on and off for the past month. They've both been teething, had the flu, colds and/or fevers. Comfort is sometimes all I can do. I want to take the pain away, but I can't. I try to make it all better and I can't figure out how. Then they get to the point where their little eyes droop and they grab for the softest blanket they can find. I snuggle Maggie close to me and Max scoots in too. This is how they both tell me how to make them feel better. One at a time I carry them each to their crib in the bedroom they share. Their eyes close and they finally have some time away from the sickness. Comfortable and safe in their favorite room, knowing that Momma will come running at the littlest whimper to make sure they're OK. Little do they know, I also come running when I know they're both snoring to make sure they have what they need or to correct the uncomfortable position they passed out in. My most favorite job is to comfort my family. Something that I learned from my parents. Something that takes years of love to teach. I thank my Heavenly Father for all my blessings and the opportunity to be a wife and Mother. It's the best tired feeling I've ever felt in my life!

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