May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!!!

Friday was a tiring day!!! We were able to take a trip to the storehouse for some food storage with a couple friends we don't see very often. It was so much work and so worth it. I was working on 4 hours of sleep because of a teething baby and then I forgot to eat. Not a good combination I found out. Wonderful Grandma babysat for the billionth time. I'm so thankful for her!!! All I could do when I got home was to lay on the floor with the babies while they watched a movie and climbed on me. There was no more energy to be found, and I looked. LOL!!!
Because Friday was so exhausting, we all slept in Saturday. We woke up to the sound of Max talking and laughing. Words can't describe the feelings that go through me when I hear my babies playing. Soon after Max's sounds, came Maggie's lovely singing. When I got to Max, instead of wanting out of his crib to play in his room, he wanted to play in Maggie's crib with her. So I went to make a couple of bottles. Max crept over to Maggie in the crib and kissed her head softly. When they had their bottles, he moved slowly over to her to snuggle while they both relaxed. Max even shared his blanket with her.

Next thing on the list for the day was to go on a run with the babies. While I got everything together and buttoned down the house, Max continued to work on his bottle. Maggie was past that and on to playing. She rolled right into Max while he was relaxing. I knew in my mind that he was going to have an attitude and push her away. Instead, he put his arm under her belly and pulled her in for a hug and didn't let go. It was as if he thought she was his teddy bear. LOL! ~ I know, I know... No pictures. I failed. It was precious!

The jog went well till we got to the grocery store. Max started having a melt down... at the TOP of his lungs. AHHHH!!! I remember listening to people with the screaming children and thinking, 'Uh... Can you take care of that kid?!' Can you say Pay Back? Yeah, I got what was coming to me. I quickly got him out the door and had a talk. He was reasonable and allowed me to get a couple things before I ran that cutie boy home. I opted to take them in the car to Freddy's so I could shop and Max could drive his sports car shopping cart. One of the best ideas EVER!!! Well, at least for me today. He was in heaven. We were over in the children's clothing and I heard Maggie start to giggle. I looked over and Max was leaning toward her just jabbering away about something. She thought it was hilarious and so did I! Then Daddy stopped by and surprised him. Oh the smile. ;0)

We grabbed some yummy to go food after our shopping and headed home. Max went down for a nap. Maggie woke up from hers and then Grandma Cecelia dropped by for a visit and to bring us a couple of kid sized rocking chairs that she's had forever. They're adorable and both babies already love them. It was wonderful to spend time with her!!! When it was time for Maggie to sleep, Max woke up (of course!). I headed outside to mow the lawn and weed (@ 8pm). One of my sweet neighbors laughed when they saw me out there and offered to loan me a flashlight. ;0) I guess I was just determined to get my lawn looking nice and it totally does. Now I give myself permission to buy some pretty flowers to plant. I'm super excited if you can't tell.

When the yard was completed I gathered the garbage in the house, cleaned the litter box and started the laundry. This all sounds like lists now, but I was amazed at how much I accomplished today. The sun is so powerful. It motivates and makes people happy. Can't wait till tomorrow. Heading out for a picnic at the park after church with the family. Simple things make life wonderful.

(Sorry there were no pictures on this posting!!!)

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