June 10, 2011

Sweet Memories

Tonight Max and I were playing with one of his toys that lights up while we were under a large quilt. This is a comfort thing for him. He LOVES forts! We were having so much fun pushing the buttons to make the music play and have it light up. It looked really cool under that quilt. Max sat on my lap as he always does and I couldn't help but to think of my first little while with him. To be specific... the day this picture was taken. Max was 13 days old. Daddy was at work and I was still recovering, so I just held my boy, fed my boy, changed my boy and took naps with my boy. I remember holding him while he slept on my chest in this picture. He still has the same sweet little boy smell he had that day. I can't stop kissing his little red head. What an awesome feeling!!! I love remembering my first days of being a Mom. It was all new then and now I can't remember how it felt not being a Mom. Babies are amazing and mine are the BEST. And yes... I'm totally playing favorites!!!

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