December 30, 2009

Cookie Caroling Night

Last year we weren't able to have our annual Cookie Caroling night because of the snow, but we did this year. Thank goodness. I love this tradition! It was kind of thrown together and all that, but it was still really fun.

First I have to share Max's cool t-shirt we bought him the other day. Can you tell we love The Office?!
He's been practiced crawling a lot last week.

Very sweet face if I do say so!

Mr. Santa chillin on the couch waiting for caroling time.

Uncle Reid time.

He really does love Uncle Reid.

More crawling at the Zeller's.

Uncle Robert swinging Max so he won't cry. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Gotta show off the Zeller's cat's cool cat house. AWESOME! !

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