December 11, 2009

Visit With My Aunt & Uncle

My aunt and uncle came into town today. I haven't seen them in years, so this was pretty cool. Below is my Dad on the right and my uncle on the left. The look a lot alike to me and it really weirds me out when I see them together. I'm so glad my Dad had this time with his brother!!!

Max was making a mess while everyone was making dinner and cleaning. He's having some frozen blueberries as you can see all over his face, clothes and highchair. Yum, yum!!!

I actually caught Max talking. He usually gets quiet when he sees the camera, but not this time. What a funny little man!!!

Max's dog Mag wasn't too sure about these two new people, so he decided to protect Max by trying to take him back. I quickly took care of that. Thanks for watching out for our boy though Mag!!!

Happy boy in great uncle Veon's arms. We had fun, and he jumped all over them as he always does. My jumpy boy Max.
What a full and wonderful day with family. Especially the part where Betty made her yummy meatloaf. Oh how I've been craving Betty's cooking. Thank you!!!

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