December 9, 2009

Wonderful Family Vacation At The Beach

We had a wonderful family vacation last week at the beach house in Rockaway!!! Wes, Me, Max and our pups Mag & Annie. Very relaxing. Lots of sleeping in, eating yummy food and buying trinkets and stuff we couldn't live without. Not to mention the cheese factory. Oh how I love my little family!

This picture was taken on our way to Cannon Beach. We were at the Manzanita viewpoint. Can you tell I'm fond of this little man?!
Daddy wants to get a picture of Max on the wall, but he's recently learned how to spin around really fast. Gotta keep a tight grip on our little man.

Way too cute!!! They don't like each other at all.

We stopped on our way back from Cannon Beach to take this shot. It took a few tries to get a decent picture because Wes has a hard time smiling while taking a picture of himself. There are a few shots that you can tell I'm just done trying... I'd rather not post those. I look sick in them. This'll do. =)
Yep... another picture of my sweetie boys napping together. I just love these moments!

Relax time with Daddy on the couch. He was ready for a nap and fell asleep in Daddy's arms soon after this picture was taken.

Wes and I were joking about Annie being in the center of this picture because in her mind the world revolves around her. Boy do we have fun together. I don't know why they're all stuffed on the little couch. I'm not complaining though. It leaves the big one for me. :)

Headed back to Cannon Beach on Saturday for their lamp lighting ceremony. This was the 35th and final year for the little man in the black hat. He's in his 80's and can no longer do it. He was so sweet. They presented him with a commemorative walking stick and had Christmas music and all that. Very sweet to kick off our Christmas with that.

Here's my handsome men. I think it's funny that they have the same look on their faces. I know where Max gets his good looks.

Max fell asleep under a pillow while playing on the floor. We were being too loud with the TV I guess. Sorry sweetie!!!

No more pillow on your face.

I had to post this video. I sent the dogs out with their sweaters while I cleaned and set Max to face the sliding door window and the TV. I looked over and found Max talking and growling at Mag and Annie. What a memory. Sooo funny! Poor dogs. It was cold outside. I let them right back in.

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