December 28, 2009

Play Time with Family

Aunt Errinne loves her play time with Max. We schedule time on her days off. This time we spent it at Grandma & Grandpa's house so she could also make sweets for Christmas. Oh how I loved being her taste tester.

You can't tell in this picture how much Grandma & Max love each other... Yeah right!


Max totally won this staring contest. That's my boy!!!

Showing off the crawling skills for Aunt Errinne, Betty and Grandpa. Go baby boy!

Almost there... I don't have the picture where he reached the toy because I'm a failure. Trust me though. He totally got it. Good job Max!

Sam finally got home from playing at her cousins. We missed having our kitchen helper while we were baking.

Brandon loves his time with Max too. If for some reason he sees me without Max he gets totally bummed.

You can't see her very well, but Sam is dancing for Max to make him laugh while also sharing her bear 'General'.

Last but not least, Grandpa is doing a little dance for Max. Errinne took this picture. I'm not to blame, but I am posting it because I think it's really cute and funny! I love you Dad!!!

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