November 10, 2010

What a Day!!!

Today was a busy spring cleaning day. I know I'm a little late, but that's OK. The point is to get it done eventually, or I can just say I'm early for next year. LOL! It was raining outside, so I was happy to finally get a bunch done, but I tired myself out. By the evening I had no energy, so Wes and I decided to order something from a restaurant in our neighborhood and bring it home. It was turning out to be a wonderful, tiring and productive day. Since it wasn't too late when we finished with dinner I asked Wes to go to the store with me. It's difficult to go on the big shopping trips without help, so I welcome it if given the opportunity. As you could probably predict, the first part of our trip was good and even fun, but by the end we were rushing for the door because both babies were crying out in protest. Poor things! Wes was managing our boy while I was managing our girl. The cashier was having a problem with one of our coupons which for some reason took about seven minutes to fix. All the while our babies were screaming. Seven minutes of screaming kids seems so much longer than 'just seven minutes'. I just smiled and prayed it would be over soon. Our cashier was being really nice and started a conversation with me about our babies and then asked me how old they were. When she found out how close they were she quickly said to me in more of a statement than a question, 'You're done right?!' I said no. She seemed surprised, so I said that we both came from large families and that we'd like to have about three more if we're able to. She reacted weird and grumbled more to herself in a lower voice that she didn't think it would be easy to afford more. Then she didn't talk to me much after that. I felt bad and a little frustrated at her and then I just felt blessed. How sad! I thought it was kind of a weird thing for her to say to a complete stranger, but it did help me see my situation there at the store in a different light. I was blessed to be stuck in a crowded store with my sweet husband and two screaming babies and I'm truly happy. So, thank you cranky, weird cashier! I appreciate you! LOL!!!

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