February 13, 2011

Great Day with Family

My Saturday started early. Usually we try to sleep in if at all possible, but we were on a mission to be productive. We headed out to the church to start filling the font for the baptism that we were going to later in the day, then left for a little drive to Hillsboro. I was starving and had forgotten to eat because I was concentrating on getting everyone dressed and out the door. I really must work on that. On our way out, Wes told me there was a Wendy's, so I got my hopes up for some yummy chili. My hopes were dashed when we found no Wendy's. But, before I had a chance to shed a tear, I saw Noodles & Co. Oh how I LOVE Noodles & Co. Needless to say, I was super happy. Seconds after I was served, it seemed I had inhaled the delicious food. I thought to myself, 'This day is pretty freakin sweet!'.

We then went to the baptism of a little sweetheart we know. I'm so happy for her. What a big deal. She decided that she was ready to be baptized. That's huge! I sure love that girl! When it was time to go I thought, 'What a great day!'.

We headed home to pick up Wes's tools so he could help my sister and brother in law with some stuff around the house. I didn't see him when we got to their house because I was busy chasing a toddler around. He finished what he was doing and we just hung out in their living room chatting on and on. I thought to myself, 'I'm one lucky girl!'.

However, on my way home, I got the feeling I should take another route home, but because it wasn't rush hour, I thought, 'nah, it'll be fine.' So I headed in the usual direction. I almost plowed into two little sedans. If you haven't seen what I drive, let me tell you. It's quite huge. I drive a Excursion with an 8in lift. I would have seriously injured someone. I was so shaken up. I kept trying to remember if I was driving crazy or something. Nope, the car in front of me didn't give themselves enough time to stop. They swerved and then I swerved. I really should have listened to that feeling. Someone could have gotten hurt. I'm so happy it was a miss!!!

We ended our day with our family watching a movie, eating junk food and running around playing in the living room. I'm about to fall sleep as I type and I'm thinking... I have had such a wonderful day!!!


- - - - - - - - - -

I have to add a little note about the 'almost accident'. It started to rain just before I left my sisters house, that and the sun had gone down. So the recipe for disaster starts on a wonderful normal Oregon night. Dark, rainy and slippery. Mix that with a bunch of people that act like they've never driven in Oregon and you've got my situation. I had plenty of room and time to stop, until the person that had been in front of me one block back decided at the last minute to swerve right back in front of me at the last second. I had to swerve my beast into the oncoming lane in order to miss the two cars in front of me. Thankfully the oncoming lane was clear at the time. Even though I didn't listen to the prompting, Heavenly Father took care of me and my sweet babies. I feel very blessed!

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