February 6, 2011

Learning to Speak

Tonight I put Max in his sister's crib so I could go make him a bottle. He was not happy at all. The poor little guy is so sick he's been constantly following me around begging to be held. Lately he's also been starting to speak. When I put him in the crib he held out his arms and said, 'get out'. I said 'no'. So he said 'bye, bye'. So I said, 'bye, bye' and closed the door to his bedroom. He cried! I mean the SAD cry. All I could think was that to him 'bye, bye' means 'bye, bye will always be with me. Dumb I know, but I just about cried myself. Hold it together Lynda!!!  

Thankfully Daddy was there. He took these pictures while I was making the bottles. These babies love each other so much.

She's a very understanding and brave little sister so far. Not that she has a choice in the matter.

For my next trick...

Yep. I didn't take this picture. It would have freaked me out! LOL!!!

This is how the night ended. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!

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