September 10, 2009

Beautiful Walk on a Beautiful Day

Max and I missed our walk yesterday and I was determined to get our walk in today. First, I feel I need to explain the quality of the pictures below. I brought our camera so I could take pictures that captured the beauty of the day, however I realized when trying to take the first picture that I'd forgotten the memory card at home. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Thank goodness for camera phones. At least I was able to take some pictures. Anyhoo...

We headed downtown to watch the boats and stuff. As you can see in this picture Max is fast asleep, but I was enjoying the view. His favorite part right now is the movement and the breeze I think.
This is on the other side of the Hawthorne bridge before heading back to OMSI where we parked.
Wide awake now. CUTE!!!
My sister Cori sent a text while we were on our walk to invite us to her daughter Sienna's soccer game, David Douglas vs. Franklin. This is Troy, Lauryn, Chloe, Cori and you can't see her, but Hailey is there too. We had a nice view up on the hill. I have another niece Martha who's also on the team. Both of them did awesome and of course won. Yeah, that's right! They kicked they're butts. Just kidding. Franklin did awesome too, it's just that David Douglas kept scoring goals. =)
I had a wonderful day today. I might have over done the distance. I need to work up to this kind of walk. By the time I got home, I had no more energy to play with my sweet boy. Can't have that! We'll see what adventures Max and I'll have tomorrow.

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