October 18, 2009

Max's First Taste of Baby Food

Today was another beautiful Saturday that we were able to spend as a family. We finished a few little errands and headed to the Expo Gun Show. We love going every chance we get. Mostly because we have a few friends there. Oh if I had the money, the stuff I'd buy.

Anyhoo... I was walking around with Max in the carrier eating a yummy apple while he of course was eyeing it. He started watching us eat a couple weeks ago and we've been planning on waiting till the 6 month mark to start him on baby food. He had other plans though. I offered him a taste of the apple juice and he leaned his head in for a taste. I wish I had a picture of it, but I don't. I do have these lovely pictures that our niece Samantha took for us of Max's first taste of baby food. Samantha rocks at picture taking. I'll have to have her do more.

This last shot is my favorite!!! He didn't think too much of the baby food. It was no apple. We'll keep trying new stuff though. Congratulations Max! Can't wait till you can taste all of your aunts yummy cooking.

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