October 10, 2009

Full and Fun Saturday with Family

Last Saturday morning was supposed to start with the Primary presentation practice. However, we hadn't planned on our car being broken into. What a lovely gift.

Wes set Max into the car and then headed to the drivers door before we realized what had happened. Max was so tired that he fell asleep like this.

After we were finished with all the police report, insurance mumbo-jumbo it was too late to make it to practice. We did make it to a small family BBQ though. Oh yeah! =)

Jessica didn't have to wait for 10 people to hold Max before she got a turn this time. Thank goodness!!! Max loves Jessica. I'll explain... About 2 months ago we got to a family BBQ and Max was asleep in his stroller. Jessica asked if she could hold him when he woke up. While we were waiting for that to happen, Uncle Hod picked him up out of his stroller while I wasn't looking (not surprising - Max loves uncle Hod!) and from then on Max was passed from person to person. However Jessica wasn't included in this. It really was funny! She finally confiscated sweet Max from one of the kids so she could have her turn. Not going to have that happen again. Not that I mind people fighting over our cutie Max. I totally understand. He's adorable!

Our Saturday ended well. We spent time with our fun family, ate a BUNCH of yummy food and rolled all the way home. The primary presentation went well too. I love this family!!!

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