October 1, 2009

It's October Already

I can't believe how time flies! This week has been great. Lots of work for Wesley and beautiful weather for Max and I to go on our many walks. It's getting cooler and I have to say I'm happy about that. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. The leaves are changing color and the Holidays are fast approaching.

Today I was able to go to the temple with my sister Shaunna. My favorite way to start a day. I feel so blessed to have a temple so close. Grandma didn't mind watching handsome little Max. My little sister Errinne got this picture of him playing while I was gone. So cute!!!

I headed home with Max to see Wesley before he headed off to work. He had to do an all-nighter for work, so we won't be able to see him till the morning. Makes me tired to think about it! We made it home in time to take a short nap as a family. That doesn't happen very often and it was wonderful!

After Wes left for work my sister Errinne and I spent the rest of the day together. We grabbed a bite to eat and walked around the mall. It was just like I was a teenager again, except for the feeling old part. My body is tired now! I had fun playing and joking around with Errinne. We really got a workout!!! Then we headed home.

Max as you've probable read loves his jumper, so after he had his dinner I set him in it to play. I took some really cute video and I'm unable to upload it unfortunately. I'll keep trying. It's adorable. He fell asleep in the jumper, but you have to see it. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

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Glenn and Heidi Case said...

Too cute! I love that he will start jumping while asleep! Can it get any cuter?