October 16, 2009

Build-A-Bear for Sam's Birthday

You gotta love Build-A-Bear. Ok, well you don't, but I do. Sam got a bunch of cool gifts for her Birthday. Part of which was $ to go get a Bear. She's been collecting them for a while now, but this is her first bear to be purchased from the actual store. We've found them at thrift stores for her.

Oh my goodness was it ever fun to watch her face while she picked everything out and watch 'General Hatch' being created. Absolutely awesome! Thank you Powers & Hatch family!!!

She had to rub it on her head so he'd be smart, on her belly so he wouldn't be hungry, and on her nose... I don't remember why... but it was cute!

She had to brush off the extra fluff. She was being very thorough!

Mission accomplished... Happy Birthday Girl!!!

General is all ready for Halloween in his Batman costume. Very nice choice Sam!

and this would be her homemade ice cream cake. Yum!!!

I can't believe she's so old, but I'm so happy she had such a great day! We sure love this crazy fun girl!

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