October 10, 2009

Fun at Multnomah Falls

I woke up this morning and decided it was a perfect day to head to the falls. Sam and Brandon didn't have school, so Max and I brought them along. We packed a picnic and headed out. It had been too long. I love going up the Gorge. Beautiful drive and lots of places to hike.

Any hoo... It started out a little cold, but we warmed up plenty when we started up the trail. These two are such characters!

I found a nice man with an English accent to take out picture. Thanks for not looking sweet Max!

Found another kind man when we made it up to the bridge. There's Max's face. Brandon and Sam are lookin a little spooky!!! =)

This is Sam and Brandon's action shot... All there idea!

After lunch before headin down to the car.

We were up high!

Found a cool little cave, so they acted like vampires and asked me to post this up-side-down.

Sam inside a dead tree. Brandon sat outside because he had a huge backpack strapped to him.

Goodbye falls!

Hello chocolate! I told them I had one more surprise before we headed home. We went to the outlet mall and I walked them up to the sidewalk. I had them cover their eyes and spin. As soon as I new they were dizzy enough I guided them to the door of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and had them open their eyes. They were laughing so hard. Pretty funny!

Sam picked a big peanut butter cup and Brandon picked some sour gummy worms.

We had a really good time! I hope we can do more soon! Such fun to hang out with these two weirdos!!!

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