January 10, 2010

Max Discovers Dog Food

Max is so mobile now. I was in the kitchen cooking while Daddy was supposed to be watching our boy. I say supposed to be because of the following pictures. I think his excuse was that Max entered the kitchen area, so it was my turn to watch him. I looked over to see this gorgeous little man doing this...

The dog food never made it into his mouth. Oh, but the memories of this. I was laughing so hard! Way to keep us on our toes little man! Oh and if you look behind him in this last pic you'll see our Annie-Bell holding a cottage cheese container she was finishing off. Things are a little backwards here. How funny!


The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: said...

I took Hen to my hairdressers house to get my hair done. I just let her walk around the family room while I'm in the other room getting a cut. It's quiet in the other room for a little too long, so we go to see what Hen is up to. She has finished off the dog's food. Glad it was dry dog food. Yum! :)

Lynda Donkin said...

When was this. That's hilarious!!!