January 20, 2010

Pictures with Sam, Tyler & Brandon at the Rhododendron Garden

Backtracking to this last Saturday...

I know this posting is titled Pictures with Sam, Tyler & Brandon at the yadda, yadda, yadda, but I'm kind of fond of this little man. This is how our day began. Looking at this ridiculously cute boy laying across our bed. His head touching Dad's side and feet touching Mom's side. He just loves to kick me and I hope it stays that way to be honest.
Later on we went to pick up the three hoodlums seen below for pictures. We have a primary assignment to turn in pictures of our kidlets enjoying Heavenly Fathers creations, so we had a little fun with it. Even though it was rainy and cold, they totally had fun. Wes sat in the car with Max because he was fast asleep, while I brought the kids in for pictures. Tyler was all smiles. They're all so cute. I'm glad we went.

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shaunna said...

I just love these pictures. My favorite is the one of all were looking at you, and then the one where looking away. We just saw there heads.