January 10, 2010

My Pre-Birthday Family Dinner

It's a tradition to have my Birthday party with a bunch of my nieces and nephews. But this year it was a small party at my parents house with Sam, Brandon and Tyler. Tyler isn't pictured but he did sing Happy Birthday to me. It was awesome! Mom and Shaun made roast, carrots, corn and mashed ranch potatoes with gravy. Not sure how that sounds to everyone else, but to me DELICOUS!!! I made a simple lemon cake with rasberry filling. Tyler stole the balloons off the top before we got to the cake but he let us borrow them for the blowing out of the candles. We watched the movie 'Up' afterward. I had a lot of fun tonight. Thanks for the fun party!

This is what Max was doing while we watched the movie. In this picture he's under the computer desk. He loves to climb now. Yikes!

Peek-a-boo! Don't you just love that little face?!

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