January 12, 2010

My Birthday Dinner at Cheesecake Factory

Wes had the day off today because he worked all Sunday night. It was wonderful. He had to sleep in, so Max and I woke him up at about noon by getting in bed, saying good morning and going back to sleep with him. Once our nap was done, we went downstairs to watch the first season of Glee. We're totally hooked. At about 4:00pm we went to pick Sam up so she could come to dinner with us. Wes asked me if he could run to the store while I helped Sam get dolled up. It almost being my Birthday encouraged this, because it was likely that he was going to get me a present. I'm smart sometimes. Anyhoo... We got to Cheesecake Factory before the dinner rush, so no problem parking, we got to sit in a booth and the food came fast. Our waiter even brought Max some bananas to snack on without us asking. I just love stuff like that. He totally got a good tip for that!

This is what we did after dinner while we were waiting for our dessert. Sam was making Max crack up. Sooo cute!!!

Wes is trying to attack Sam with his fork for some reason... but he doesn't really need a reason because he's crazy!

Poor Max didn't get ice cream or cheesecake this time. I just love this picture!

Not an easy picture to take. I should have taken the group picture before dinner. Everyone was fat, happy and totally ready to be at home relaxing. We had a wonderful time!!!

This is what I saw when I walked into our living room when we got home. Wesley surprised me with a new bike. I've never had such a wonderful bike. It's a Trek 7100 with a baby seat, a basket and a bell that says 'I love my bike'. I don't know what that rates in the bike world, but I did a test ride a couple of weeks ago just for fun (or so I thought) and this was the bike for me. Max and I'll take our first ride once I buy a couple helmets for us. I'm soooo excited. What an awesome gift. He totally surprised me. I love my man!!!

I've had a very wonderful Birthday. Thank you everyone!!!


The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: said...

Sweet bike! The baby isn't bad, either. :)

Shiloh said...

i love the cheesecake factory. i think it might be what heaven it like. also, i do make onsies. what do you want? i can do most things now.